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Funeral Service Museum

Funeral Services Museum

The history of funerals and the rituals of death are fascinating, and Jackson's Funeral Homes have amassed a premiere collection of artifacts. The Jackson Museum, open upon request, is one of the few museums of its type in the country. You'll not only see hundreds of items dating back to the 1800's, you'll experience the evolution of the funeral process. Truly a unique visit!

Museum information, 870-523-5822


Circa 1885's horse drawn funeral coach with silver lanterns and ornate interior.
1927 solid bronze Italian Renaissance casket with cast bronze plated hardware, no hi-liting with essence of pearl.
Late 1800's wooden baby casket. Lid opens to enable viewing of the face. Silver hardware with plaque reading "Our Darling"
Late 1800's wood veneer casket with silver hardware and a silver plate enscribed "At Rest". Circular opening for viewing of the face covered with mesh and wood panel.
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